The World is our classroom


Private school opportunities

In a Public School Setting

The differences between Rickover and other schools are the opportunities we make available. We’re offering our students an abundance of unique opportunities that will change their lives by opening up new worlds to them. We do this through comprehensive academic and arts programs, as well as, opportunities to travel, play athletics and join clubs like; sailing, anime and gardening. In addition, military values equip our students with the leadership skills they need for a successful future. In short Rickover provides a private school experience at public school pricing.

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A Tradition of

Academic Excellence

Rickover cadets are part of a tradition of academic excellence and post-secondary preparation. We are one of the first schools in our area to use skills-based assessments and standards based grading. Also, cadets have opportunities to take Advanced Placement and Dual-credit courses, resulting in college credit. At Rickover we offer not only a standardized course of study but also a comprehensive Arts program as well as S.T.E.M. program and our One Goal Program, which allows students to participate in Junior/senior electives.

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4-Year Arts programs

Music | Theater | Visual Arts

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STEM Program

Starts with Honors Geometry

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Standard & One Goal Courses

Language & Art

Preparing for a Bright Future

Life Beyond High School

While we prepare students for college and require all students to apply and be accepted at a post-secondary placement, in the end, it is the preparation that is most important. What they learn at Rickover will serve them well in their life beyond high school. Additionally, a large percentage of our graduates complete more than 100 hours of valuable community service, rather than the required 40 hours, to add to their resume.



Post-Secondary School Acceptance


Average Per Student Scholarship Award


Hours Community Service Completed


Maximizing Opportunities by Making

valuable connections

Rickover students will have the opportunity to not only interact with US Navy Admirals, political leaders, and corporate CEOs but also, utilize Rickover partnership programs with various universities.

Developing Leadership Skills In

Leadership Roles

Cadets will have opportunities to be peer leaders and learn leadership skills, from their first day of school. They may be responsible for a squad of 5 to a class of 28. They can even rise to be responsible for the school of 600 students.

RNA-squad in gym

Growing Through An

Opportunity to Travel

Nearly all Rickover students will discover the world outside of their neighborhood. Rickover cadets will be given an opportunity for personal growth by exploring new places, both domestically and internationally. Students traveling abroad or seeing their neighborhood from a different perspective is not only possible with Rickover; it’s encouraged!

Get Fit & Have Fun with

Rickover Athletics

Our athletic facilities could actually support a much larger school; we have two full-sized gyms and a soccer field with a six lane quarter mile track. We also have a wrestling room and a weight room. And then there are our sports we offer: basketball, baseball, soccer for boys and girls. As well as; swimming, cross country, track and wrestling.

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At Rickover, There Is a Club for Everyone

Sailing, Archery, Gardening & More






Drill Team




One Love


Homecoming Committee


Student Voice

National Honor Society



Inland Seas Sailing

Varsity Sailing

Sea Scouts




RNA-track girl hurdles

Building Trust And

Change From Within

We are able to build trust with our students because they can see change within themselves. Our students start to succeed here and then there, and because they experience success they begin to believe in themselves and then the sky is their limit.


The Secret is out

“When I first started at Rickover a parent told me she thought that Rickover is the best kept secret in Chicago. We have an excellent team of teachers and staff that are dedicated to our students and their success.”

– Ms. Jennifer Narbert, Assistant Principal