Striving for

Academic Excellence

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Academic Excellence and

Post Secondary Success

Rickover students are part of a tradition of academic excellence and post-secondary preparation. We use a skills-based assessments and standards based grading system and require all students to apply and be accepted to a post-secondary school. For the past 5 years Rickover cadets receive on average per student 100K in scholarship awards toward their post-secondary education.

Academic departments


Our mission is to provide rigorous reading, writing, speaking, and listening learning activities that will promote the development of self-directed critical thinkers and literate citizens. Our goal is to prepare students for success as lifelong learners in college and secondary education, so that they can compete in a global setting. AP classes are available.

Fine Arts

Our Mission is to teach artistic literacy skills with the intention of preparing our graduates for a lifetime of creative activity. With the goal of encouraging them to produce work to which they have made a commitment, to value that commitment, and to understand that their art should change the artist, musician, thespian, and viewer alike. AP classes are available.


Our Mission is to work diligently in building a solid math foundation for our students by utilizing data in instruction and working collaboratively with a growth mindset to increase math SAT scores for all students. Our goal is to see all our students, upon entrance to a college or university, placed into credit courses without need for remediation.


JROTC or Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps,offers cadets basic instruction in military science and operations, military history, naval traditions, citizenship, and leadership.

diverse learning

Our Mission is to ensure that all Diverse Learners receive a high-quality public education. Our goals are to ensure that all students are able to understand the curriculum and skills being taught and to provide support for struggling learners, ensuring they can succeed in school and their future career.


Science leads to an understanding of our universe. Our goal is to provide hands-on experience in science for students to be able to think critically and make observations to understand how the universe works.

Social Studies

The Social Studies Department’s mission is to ensure that students are prepared for the academics of post-secondary education and the politics of our time. Our goal is to create well-rounded global citizens that can write, analyze, discuss, and critically think about events both historical and current. AP classes are available.

World Language

Our mission is to help students find their voice and thrive in a dynamic world through cultural understanding. Our goal is to provide rigorous coursework that enables them to communicate with confidence, using the skills of speaking, listening, reading & writing target languages they study. AP classes are available.

“There seems to be this sense that Rickover is an overly regimented formal traditionalist place, but the education that is happening here is actually very innovative in the way we embrace our students as well as new and best educational practices”.

— Mr. Nikolaus Barge, Physics Teacher

Choose from

4 courses of study

At Rickover, we offer four basic courses of study to help you plan out your high school experience. As a freshman, you will be choosing one of these pathways to take your first year at Rickover Naval Academy! All courses of study have Regular, Honors and Advanced Placement level classes available to those who qualify.

Course Option 01


This course of study allows for all required courses with two electives from a number of options. Language classes start freshman year, Students will choose either French or Spanish. Juniors and senior year students will enjoy fine arts classes.

Course Option 02

Fine Arts

Our Fine Arts Course of Study allows students to take 4 years of fine arts with the goal of encouraging them to produce work to which they have made a commitment, to value that commitment, and to understand that their art should change the artist, musician, thespian, and viewer alike.

Students choose one of the following:

  • 4 years of music
  • 4 years of theater
  • Freshman/sophomore music and junior/senior visual arts
  • Freshman/sophomore theater and junior/senior visual arts

Course Option 03


This course of study allows students to start in honors geometry freshman year (based on 8th grade Algebra 1 performance) and move through math to dual-credit pre-calculus and dual-credit calculus. Dual-credit courses offer students a college course in high school. This gives students an opportunity to finish math before they start college.

Course Option 04

one goal

This course of study follows the standard course of study and One Goal serves as the junior/senior electives. Students must consider this freshman year to make sure all requirements for graduation are met. The One Goal course is an intensive introduction to college courses with a mentoring component. Students apply for this course and 25 to 28 students are accepted.

Junior Year: Students receive SAT prep., visit colleges and listen to guest speakers.
Senior Year: Students receive additional help with personal essays, college applications, and scholarship applications.
College Freshman: Students are mentored by One Goal high school teachers.


The Secret is out

“When I first started at Rickover a parent told me she thought that Rickover is the best kept secret in Chicago. We have an excellent team of teachers and staff that are dedicated to our students and their success.”

– Ms. Jennifer Narbert, Assistant Principal