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Mr. Luke Vander Pluym » Mr. Vander Pluym's Home Page

Mr. Vander Pluym's Home Page

Mr. Vander Pluym graduated with honors from Western Illinois University in 2013 with Bachelors of Arts in History.  Mr. Vander Pluym regularly continues to grow professionally through workshops and seminars. Mr. Vander Pluym's teaching fields of interest include but are not limited to, government, politics, civics, and ancient world history, as well as American history.  Mr. Vander Pluym's passion for education can be clearly seen through his involvement in initiatives and cohorts surrounding financial literacy, civic education, politics, and student advocacy.
 Mr. Vander Pluym is the faculty advise for the Student Voice Committee, Boys Varsity Cross Country coach, as well as the Boys Varsity Track and Field coach.  Mr. Vander Pluym has also been involved with the International Club, LGBT-friendly groups, and other programs at Rickover Naval Academy.
"I have a deep passion for politics and government; nothing is more exciting to me than getting into a friendly political discussion with friends.  I also have a passion for writing, academic and fiction, and am working towards publishing some work."