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Mr. Soboleski's Home Page

Larry Soboleski graduated from Cornell University in 1991 with a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering. During his undergraduate years, he enjoyed a two-year Army ROTC full scholarship which exposed him to the cadet experience, but he decided to pursue a civilian career. Mr. Soboleski was offered an engineering position before graduation, which brought about his relocation to Chicago. 
After settling in Chicago, Mr. Soboleski spent 6+ years holding various chemical engineering titles. At UOP, he began running experimental small-scale pilot plants and contributed to the development of patented petrochemical processes. Then he elected to move up to unit operations Design Engineer.
In 1994 Mr. Soboleski took a position with ICG, a small manufacturer located between Chicago's Pilsen and Bridgeport neighborhoods. There he trained production workers as a Process and Quality Control Engineer. Within two years, he moved up to the lab as the company's Product Development Engineer.
In 2008, and after passing his ICTS exams on his own, he was offered the 2009 full-tuition Ruth J. Simmons Fellowship at Northwestern University and a place in the NU-TEACH alternative certification program.
Mr. Soboleski has been at teaching at Rickover Naval Academy since Fall 2010. He currently is The Chemistry Lead for the Science Department, focusing his teaching mostly on Chemistry, although he teaches Physics and Biology as needed. He's the STEM faculty contact for Rickover, and he sponsors the school's weekly STEM Club.
Classes Taught by Mr. Soboleski
Chemistry - Honors and Regular
Mr. Soboleski loves "see[ing] the look on students' faces when they understand something for the first time, when it's clear that they've grasped a new concept or adjusted preconceptions".