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Ms. Kitchka's Home Page

Ms. Kitchka graduated from UIC with a Bachelors of Arts in Teaching of History in December 2011. After graduating she moved to Hungary to teach English for a semester. This opportunity allowed Ms. Kitchka to experience and see history in over 10 countries through her travels.
Her interests including traveling, sports, and reading. She was able to both study abroad and teach abroad which provided a new insight and has inspired her teaching. Of the countries she has visited, she loved getting to experience the culture within Italy. While at Rickover, Ms. Kitchka has coached soccer but also enjoys supporting the local Chicago teams.
Ms. Kitchka has been at Rickover since 2014. She's taught AP Psychology, Psychology, U.S. History, and Contemporary American History. In addition, she coaches girl's soccer in the spring.
Classes Taught by Ms. Kitchka
AP Psychology
U.S. History - Honors
"I am passionate about learning. I believe every person should have an opportunity to learn and grow in all aspects of their life. I love having the opportunity to teach and coach at Rickover."