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Science Department

Our Mission
"Science leads to an understanding of our universe."
Our Goals
Our goal is to provide a hands-on experience in science for students to be able to think critically and make observations to understand how the universe works. All freshmen are enrolled in Physics, followed by Chemistry and Biology. The courses build on each other providing a complete science sequence. Seniors are offered two electives in science: Forensics and Dual Credit Physics 221. The Dual Credit class is offered in partnership with Truman College where upon successful completion of the course, students not only earn CPS credit through Rickover but also 5 semester hours of Introductory Algebra-based Physics from Truman College that is directly transferable to most colleges and universities. Over 93% of students enrolled in the Dual Credit course earn both credits.
Our Teachers

 Mr. L. Soboleski
 Ms. M. Maresca
Mr. L. Soboleski - Department Head Ms. M. Maresca  
"Teaching is a career that has me working with many people, both students and adults, while I get to apply my expertise in science and engineering."
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