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Mathematics Department

Our Mission
The Math Department at Rickover Naval Academy will work diligently in building a solid math foundation for our students by utilizing data in instruction and working collaboratively with a growth mindset to increase math SAT scores for all students.
Our Goals
To see all our students, upon entrance to a college or university, place into credit courses without need for remediation.  For those pursuing other careers, that they require no additional training in math skills.
Our Teachers
Ms. Leanne Dumais 
Ms. B. Dorporcyk
Mr. K. Soohov
Ms. L. Dumais Ms. B. Cuevas Mr. K. Soohov
"I decided to become a teacher because I was influenced by so many great educators during my grade school years. Their positivity and general concern for my well-being impacted me in a way that I knew I wanted to do the same for future generations."    "I wanted to help others understand mathematics."  "After spending many years working in after school programs with the Boys and Girls Clubs, I opted to change careers. Teaching was the logical choice as I would still be dealing with youth development.
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