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Miscellaneous » Dean's Office » Detention (EMI) Procedures

Detention (EMI) Procedures

Extra Military Instruction is a form of detention which will be utilized according to prescribed procedures. If you are assigned to EMI it will be a minimum of forty-five minutes after school.
EMI will be served after school for forty-five minutes on specific days.
EMI will be served regardless of a sports game, sports practice, extracurricular activity, NJROTC contest, NJROTC activity, band practice, field trip, or any other after-school activity including night school.
EMI cannot be rescheduled except for a bonafide medical reason and a parental request.
Cadets who receive early dismissal the day of their assigned EMI will be rescheduled for the next EMI.
A cadet that is absent the day of the EMI will be rescheduled on the next EMI day when they return.
If there is failure to complete EMI, you will face further action by the Commandant and/or the Dean/Disciplinarian.
Your conduct during EMI
You are responsible to show up for EMI.
You will muster in the uniform of the day.
Personnel inspection may be conducted immediately after your muster.
If you do not pass inspection, you complete the assigned EMI and serve another EMI.
If your attitude, behavior, or conduct is unsatisfactory during EMI you may be dismissed, considered unexcused and a Misconduct Report will be filed with the Dean/Disciplinarian for action the next day.
This information can be found in the Cadet Handbook on page 25.