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Ms. Lanners' Home Page

The field of Education runs in Ms. Lanners' family. Beth was in the business world for ten years before she got into education, where she helped people make a great deal of money, however, she was never satisfied with her life. Ms. Lanners came to the field of education to make a difference in the lives of her students.  Her maternal grandparents were both CPS teachers and administrators. Beth's mother worked in a school her entire career as well. She first became a history teacher because she loved history and young people.
Ms. Lanners decided to become a Counselor for two reasons. Firstly, as a teacher Beth found that most of the students who were not doing well in her class were not failing because they were lazy or unintelligent, it was usually because they were dealing with important personal issues in their lives that kept them from focusing on allowing their education to come first. Secondly, as a teacher, she was introduced to PCD (Peer Counseling Development), which was group counseling as a daily class. Beth saw first hand the power of group counseling and how much it impacted and helped the lives of all the students in the group.
As a Counselor, Ms. Lanners feel like she has an impact on the future through the student's she guides. As corny as this sounds Beth believes she is saving the world, one student at a time.
"Every day I come into the building not knowing what to expect--I only know that I will touch at least one student and/or their family on a daily basis. I know that I have found my calling."