Hyman G. Rickover Naval Academy

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FAQs about Rickover Naval Academy
For more general FAQs for CPS rules and requirements to attend a CPS Military Academy, please see CPS: Access and Enrollment: Access and Enrollment: Military page on the CPS website.
Is there required military service after graduation?
No. All cadets are prepared for and encouraged to attend a 4-year college or university.
If a cadet is interested in joining the military, what will RNA do?
As RNA is a college-preparatory school, we would encourage the cadet to apply for a service academy (West Point, Annapolis, Air Force, Coast Guard, Merchant Marine) or a college ROTC scholarship. Both result in a college degree and a commission as an officer in the military.
What is the RNA uniform?
Four days a week, the cadets wear the NJROTC uniform issued to them. Typically on Fridays, the cadets wear the Academy uniform consisting of a school polo shirt and khaki pants.
Do I need to pay for the uniform?
No. All of the required pieces of the NJROTC uniform are issued free of charge to the cadet. Payment is only needed for damaged uniform items. If a cadet grows out of a particular uniform item, they can exchange it for a different size. The school polo shirt is also issued free of charge to the cadet.
What is a typical school day like?
The day starts with Breakfast at 7:15 AM. The first class begins at 8:25 AM. Each cadet then takes 7 classes at 50 minutes each and has a 25 minute lunch. The day ends at 3:15 PM.
What are the freshmen classes?
All freshmen are enrolled in English 1, Algebra 1, Physics, Computer Science, Freshman Seminar, NJROTC 1, and their choice of band, theater or Spanish.
Which AP (Advanced Placement) Courses and Dual-Credit College Courses are offered at RNA?
For the school year 2018-2019, the AP courses offered will be English Language and Composition, United States History, Psychology, and Spanish and the dual-credit courses are Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Physics and English Literature.
Rickover is connected to Senn High School. Do the RNA and Senn students intermix?
Generally no. Each school has its own autonomous section in which only their students can travel in. The only common areas are the Cafeteria (of which RNA has its own lunch periods), the Library, and the Auditorium. RNA has its own gym, science labs, classrooms, offices, and computer facilities. A RNA cadet may encounter Senn students on their way to one of the common areas.
Is RNA a regular CPS high school?
Yes. RNA follows all of the CPS policies, procedures, and regular high school calendar. Funding is distributed from CPS to RNA using the same formula for all CPS high schools. All RNA teachers ( except for NJROTC instructors) are members of the Chicago Teachers Union.
How are special education students programmed in RNA?
IEPs are developed with the parents/guardians. All cadets with an IEP or 504 plan are in classes with non-special education students. Select class periods also have a certified Special Education teacher co-teaching with the classroom teacher.
How many cadets are at RNA and what is the average class size?
In the 2018-2019 school year, RNA has approximately 500 cadets, grades 9-12. The freshman classes are 28 cadets on average, while the senior classes are generally 20-25 cadets on average.