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Ms. Narbert's Home Page

Ms. Narbert has been an Assistant Principal for seven years at Rickover Naval Academy. She holds a Masters Degree in English as well as a Masters degree in Educational Leadership.
One of the programs that Jen leads and is especially proud of at RNA is Women's Empowerment. Empowerment Day is about celebrating the strengths of being a woman. It's about building all women up. It's about self-discovery and self-reflection. During this day, the young women of Rickover Naval Academy learn how to make healthy choices and tackle life's challenges through their own knowledge and power as well as with the help of the strong women around them. It is a celebration of women's collective strength.
As an instructional leader in the school, Ms. Narbert tries to lead the teachers and staff in a similar way. She believes the staff is stronger when they count on one another, when they work together around instructional goals, and when they make plans to wrap around RNA's students with strong instruction and the resources they need academically, socially, and emotionally. Teaching is hard. It is one of the hardest jobs one can do--it is a vocation. As a leader, Jen acknowledges the vocation teachers and the administrators have devoted themselves to and continues to work to create structures and programs to enhance the lives of Rickover students and teachers.
Jen is also the mother of two children who remind her daily of the beauty of learning and unconditional love.
As an Assistant Principal Jen oversees/has the following duties: Curriculum Coordinator, Dean of Students, Department Chairs, Instructional Leadership Team, Grade Level Teams, Human Resources, REACH (Teacher Evaluation), Parent Issues, Assessments, Grading Practices, Women's Empowerment, Mentor-Mentee Program, and Parent Activities Committee.
"I have a passion for educational leadership. There are few greater feelings than working with teachers to enhance moments in their classrooms--not only for their students but for the teachers as well. We are all partners in education. Coming together around a common goal of teaching kids to be intelligent, empathetic, and self-sufficient makes me feel I have done something worthwhile with my life."