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Mr. Biela's Home Page

Michael J. Biela earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Sciences from Illinois State University in 1991. He completed his degree with teaching endorsements in US History, World History, Economics and Political Science, grades 6-12. He later earned his Master’s degree in Educational Administration from Governor’s State University in 2002.
In 1998 he enlisted in the US Navy Reserve. He earned a Direct Commission and became an Officer in 2000. He resigned his commission in 2007 after nine years of service. During his time in the Navy, he supported Operation Noble Anvil in Kosovo and participated in a major training exercise in Japan.
Mr. Biela has worked for Chicago Public Schools from 1992 to the present in a variety of capacities. He taught at Bogan High School, Kenwood Academy, Hubbard High School, and Chicago Military Academy – Bronzeville. He was an Assistant Principal at Phoenix Military Academy and an Assistant Director at Military Schools and JROTC in the Chicago Public Schools’ central office. He is currently the Academy Superintendent of Rickover Naval Academy.