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Course Selection

Rickover Courses of Study

To make your high school planning easier, Rickover offers four basic courses of study. As a freshman, you will be choosing one of these. Once you choose a course of study and you look at the related chart, i.e. Fine Arts, note the column marked “Subject Area” which are the requirements for graduation and focus on the column marked “9th Grade” which tells you the courses you will take your freshman year. All courses of study offer Regular, Honors and Advanced Placement level courses. Levels for freshmen are initially determined by their elementary test scores. 

Printable versions of the below-listed Courses of Study can be found on our Course Selection Guides page or by clicking on the links in the table cell titles.

The Courses of Study are:


Standard Course of Study – This course of study allows for all required courses with two electives from a variety of options. Language classes start freshman year and fine arts are offered junior and senior year.


  • Choose French or Spanish
 Standard Course of Study Guide


Fine Arts Course of Study – This course of study allows for students who want four years of fine arts.


The choices (only one choice) are:

  • 4 years of music
  • 4 years of theater
  • Freshman/sophomore music and junior/senior visual arts
  • Freshman/sophomore theater and junior/senior visual arts
 Fine Arts Course of Study


One Goal Course of Study – This course of study follows the standard course of study and One Goal serves as the junior/senior electives. Students must consider this freshman year to make sure all requirements for graduation are met. The One Goal program has had success in making sure students are ready for what they will face in college. It helps students get over their fears. It keeps students grounded so that they finish college at higher rates than their peers.


The One Goal course is an intensive introduction to college course with a mentoring component. Students apply for this course and 25 to 28 students are chosen.


Junior Year: In the junior year One Goal course the students receive SAT preparation that is more targeted and they learn many things about college. They will visit colleges as a group. There are guest speakers.


Senior Year: Senior year the students will have extra help with personal essays, college applications, and scholarship applications. Again, there is a lot of introduction to college topics in this course.


College Freshman: In their college freshman year, the students will stay connected to their high school One Goal teacher. The teacher will act as a mentor to the students as they complete their first year of college.

 One Goal Course of Study


STEM Course of Study – This course of study allows students to start in honors geometry freshman year (based on 8th grade Algebra 1 performance) and move through math to dual-credit pre-calculus and dual-credit calculus. Dual-credit courses offer students a college course in high school with four college hours of each type of math. This allows for most students to have math finished before they enter college.


 STEM Course of Study