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Principal's Welcome

Rickover Naval Academy is a different kind of school.


As Principal, I believe we learn through mistakes, especially when we can recover from those mistakes. I believe that if something is important enough to develop a rule around, then that rule should stand firm. I believe each person has something valuable to add to a discussion, a school or a society. I believe that a student’s life choices (college and career) are best for him/her, but maybe not for others; I will help guide students in their choices but in the end, they and their families must decide what is best. Finally, I believe we are here to serve the students in their needs. The students are our clients.


How are these beliefs implemented in the day to day operation of a school?


We believe that students learn best when there are clear high-expectations for both academic endeavors and personal behavior. With clear expectations, it is easy to see a mistake as it happens. In academics, students can revise and redo work to recover. For behavior, the school has a range of consequences beyond the age-old suspension. Students are guided through their mistakes. Most make amends and move forward to be productive citizens of our school. Some need more help from their families, the school staff, and their friends. We believe that as a community we can work together to best help our students best meet their potential.


At Rickover, students know that what we say today will still be there tomorrow. We believe a consistent learning environment allows students to focus on their academics and achieve their goals. We do our best to change nothing except at semesters unless student safety is involved or if we step-back a rule that has had unintended harmful consequences.


We have a student voice committee and open-door policies for our students. We believe that students are partners in making our academic and school cultures positive. Students have helped us develop the school community we currently have.


While we prepare students for college and require all students to apply and be accepted at a post-secondary placement, in the end, it is the preparation that is so important. What they learn at Rickover will serve them well in so many facets of their life beyond high school.


We consider all students to be unique individuals with their own abilities and potential. At Rickover, we strive to support the strengths of all of our cadets and help them realize their own dreams.


Rickover Naval Academy is a different kind of school. We hope you like what you find here.

Michael J. Biela
Academy Superintendent