Hyman G. Rickover Naval Academy

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Mission Statement

Academy Mission
The Mission of the Rickover Naval Academy is to empower cadets to meet and exceed academic standards through a challenging and engaging curriculum that promotes programs to prepare cadets for post-secondary education and/or independent living. Rickover Academy provides meaningful leadership training, experiences and activities to serve as a foundation for a lifetime of success. The military component is woven into the entire curriculum to motivate young people to become better scholars, leaders, and citizens.
´╗┐Academy Vision
At Rickover Naval Academy our vision encompasses an atmosphere that cultivates academic excellence, trust, and student leadership. We will motivate students to excel through both individual cadet and platoon academic honors. The trust we place in our cadets is paramount to our vision that cadets will maintain and nurture trust. While we initially trust our cadets they must earn everything else; their place in the battalion, their rank and even the title of Cadet. As the cadets earn rank and privileges by growing in leadership skills, they will take on more responsibility for the administration of the battalion through the day-to-day activities of the cadet chain of command.