Hyman G. Rickover Naval Academy

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JROTC offers basic instruction in military science and operations, military history, naval traditions, citizenship, and leadership.
  • Cadets begin their freshman year with basic skills and knowledge on becoming a member of the Battalion.
  • Sophomores learn how sea control has influenced the development of the United States and world history.
  • Juniors are provided a basic introduction to current military and civilian operations and the tools that are at the used by our Navy.
  • Seniors focus on leadership in their final year.
Throughout their 4 years, students are provided a discipline and behavior, built on the traditions and pride found in today's military forces. As a central part of the program, JROTC provides students a weekly physical fitness program for at least one class period. Students who earn A's in their JROTC classes are invited to participate in the honors level program, involving a series of additional projects that provide a deeper study of the various citizenry, historical or military topics.