Hyman G. Rickover Naval Academy

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News & Announcements

IMPORTANT Transfer Instructions

Please review the document below for instructions on transferring in and out.

If transferring to another school from Rickover, please bring your uniforms to the Principal interview.

A Warm Welcome to Colonel Kaifesh

Col. Kaifesh will be taking over as the new Commandant for the 2019-2020 school year at RNA. Two cadets received the privilege of getting to interview him. Read further for the full interview!

Memorial Day Parades

Students must arrive to school on Saturday by 0745 for the Saturday parade. Make sure to bring a cover and short black Navy jacket.
Students are also invited to march in the Rosehill / Edgewater Monday parade. You should arrive at school on Monday by 9:15 with your cover and short black Navy jacket.
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