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Northwester 10/13 Game

The next Northwestern game is just a few days way! Saturday 13 OCT.  Once again I'm looking for adult help during the hours of  0730 - 3:00pm.   I'm happy to break this long day into two seperate times 
(07:30 - 1200 early group)    
(10:30 -2:45 or whenever the game ends late group). 
Things I need some help with:
walking the gate line, ensuring the cadets are not in distress from fatigue, dehydration, illness or the overwhelming crush of 48,000 fans streaming through the gates.
being on  the Randy Walker Terrace assisting the 7 cadets who check tickets and monitor access into the rooftop food / drink tailgate area
stadium usher monitor, keeping track of 8-10 cadets in the south end zone who are assisting fans finding their seats.  Here again you're right in the thick of  things, making sure they are not being overwhelmed by rowdy fans or errant field goal attempts!
Break room assistance:  helping checking our cadets in, getting them to the appointed group meeting, monitoring food consumption and break time, and finally check out.  
Please come sign up in my office or send me an email if you have time to help.   And as always, there will be ample free hot dogs and fantastic junk food available!    maybe some fruit.......
Our dress code is black pants, black shoes and a white or black tee shirt.  
Contact me if you have any questions.