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The Forbitten

The time has come for Theater III to present The Forbitten (live), a campy, zany, tropey stage play that parodies all of the poorly written high school vampire stories ever told. See all of your favorite RNA thespians sink their fangs into an unforgettable production! There will be acting, dancing, and a whole lot of biting going on, Friday, February 16th during 7th, 8th, and 9th period! That's right, you get out of your afternoon classes with the purchase of a $3 ticket! Tickets on sale now! Buy them during 5th & 6th period in the cafeteria tomorrow wednesday February 14th will be the last day!
Do not follow the details on the picture. 
Senn Highschool has booked the auditorium on Thursday afternoon. 
Rickover will perform for the school on Friday afternoon. They will also perform on Friday night for friends and family.