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The Mighty Eight

“The Mighty Eight. The team from the small school took 8th place in the citywide boys swimming championship.” - Mr. Schenck

Sebastian Johnson is one of the most entertaining juniors at Rickover Naval Academy. He jokes and laughs with everyone in class. You could say he’s the class clown but there’s one role this sociable student takes seriously. Swim team captain. He promotes team cohesiveness and keeps each teammate motivated.

He is the captain of the Rickover Sea Dragons boys swim team. The swim team which has gone on to place 8th in the City Championship. Even more astonishing is that there are only six students who competed including Johnson in this swim meet, he typical school usually brings 20 students. Winning 8th out of 29 schools is a huge accomplishment. Go Sea Dragons!

Another junior, Duncan Moss, won 1st place in the 50-yard freestyle with a time of 21.97. This is the first time that a Rickover swimmer has taken 1st place at the city championships.  He also triumphed in the 100-yard freestyle, winning 3rd place. The captain of the team, Johnson, won 5th in the 100-yard breaststroke and 8th in the 50-yard freestyle.

Johnson who looks up to Michael Phelps and dreams of becoming a professional swimmer one day, he wants to become the foremost first generation male in his family to attend college. Rickover has introduced him to new competition and swimming camps such as the United States Naval Academy swim program. He strongly believes this school has helped him in the long run.

Rickover has a magnificent distinguished pattern of providing programs that introduce its students to new things. Especially due to the amazing staff here. The swim team coach, Mr. Schenck, will retire as coach this year and wishes the boys good luck in their swim journey.

Congratulations to The Mighty Eight of Rickover and their coach Mr. Schenck!