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Rickover Drill Teams place 2nd at East Aurora.

Rickover has been going to East Aurora Competition since 2005, when Rickover Naval Academy opened. It's the second most competitive and longest competition Rickover Drill Teams attend. For Inspection, Rickover placed 4th. For Unarmed Basic Drill, Rickover placed 4th. For Armed Basic Drill, Rickover beat their rivals which is Zion Benton Township High School by placing 2nd. For Unarmed Exhibition, Rickover placed 4th which is also one of the most competitive and unique teams. For Armed Exhibition, our team placed 3rd which also a very difficult team to be on. Imagine throwing a rifle in mid air while marching. Rickover earned 2nd overall and compared to last years competition, they had placed 3rd overall. Well done to all drill commanding officers and the teams for hard work and dedication. 2017-2018 Rickover Drill is almost coming to end. Come support us at Wheeling High school on Feb. 3rd, 2018.

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