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Northwestern Football Games

 Parents we’re sure you’ve received calls about “Northwestern Football Games” and those who haven’t, we highly encourage you to push your teens to attend at least one game. 
Here are a few reasons why: 
1. Northwestern Football Games have given highschools the opportunity to work in parking lot duty, ticket scanning, and other services in return for money. Rickover depends heavily on these particular events because this is where most of Rickover’s money comes from to fund our sport and clubs department. 
2. Seniors, they are the lucky ones who get to obtain a senior account from attending these football games. They receive money that automatically goes into their senior account. Rickover keeps in mind how high senior expenses can be. 
3. Northwestern Football Games are also another way to make new friends. You meet upperclassmen and lowerclasmen cadets along the way. 
4. When Rickover cadets sign up they are given the choice of which sport or club they want to sponsor their money to. 
5. Rickover cadets can gain service learning hours from these games. Keep in mind a CPS student needs atleast 40 service learning hours in order to graduate. 
6. If cadets get lucky, Commander Tooker rewards them with food. Who doesn’t want food ? 
INFO FOR NOVEMBER 18,2017 Last Northwestern’s Home Football Game: 
Ticket Scanning: 7:45am-2:45pm 
$35 to senior account 
Parking Lot: 6:00am-12:15pm 
$60 to senior account 
Sign ups are in 258 
For more info contact Commander Tooker
After this game there will be seat removal days at the stadium giving cadets another chance to receive those service learning hours.