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Campbell's Low-Hanging Fruit Wins Accolades

Police-on-Black Crime Takes to the Stage Summer 2017

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, August 2017—Stage 773 will host Dane A. Campbell’s (Black Ensemble Theater) racially charged Low-Hanging Fruit the first two weekends of August. Plot: An interracial friendship of five is torn apart, when one of them, a white cop, in the line of duty, shoots and kills an unarmed black teenager.

In script form, the play has already garnered rave reviews. “Mr. Campbell’s play is relentlessly truthful, but it does not provide a single truth…a provocative piece of theatre,” says Angela Sweigart-Gallagher, PhD from Northeastern Illinois University. Author/Playwright, Joe Meno from Columbia University adds, “Dane’s characters are deeply complicated and reveal the human, oftentimes surprising, choices that inform all of our lives.”
By focusing on the interracial friendship between a white police officer and his wife and their Black Lives Matter Movement activists friends, Mr. Campbell manages to challenge his audience to reconsider their own positions and their own assumptions about how racism, policing, and crime intersect. Watch official trailer:https://www.fearlessfictionproductions.com/

As the murder rate in Chicago continues to climb, as black communities continue to be the targets of overzealous policing, and as the news fills with stories of law enforcement facing little or no penalty for murdering African-Americans, Low-Hanging Fruit is destined to be the most talked about original play this year.

Dane A. Campbell is an educator, published author, and award-winning choreographer who founded Fearless Fiction Productions solely to create dramatic works grounded in the fearless, unflinching attempt to unsettle questionable institutions.
News release courtesy of Fearless Fiction Productions.