Hyman G. Rickover Naval Academy

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Rickover Hosts 8th Annual Churchill Scholarship Competition

For the eighth year, Rickover cadets competed for a $250 scholarship. This scholarship is earned by showing their knowledge of Winston Churchill.
All freshmen, sophomores, juniors and interested seniors begin the competition by writing an essay based on a specific Churchill speech. This essay looked at what Churchill was trying to accomplish in his speech and how his ideas translate to today. The top four essays are chosen and those students advance to the next round.
The second part of the competition increases the pressure. The top four essay writers must then choose a speech and speak, in front of the school, about how Churchill's words can be followed today. Finally, the students compete in a Jeopardy style question competition. When the last question is answered, the points from the speech and questions are totaled and the cadet with the highest points wins the competition.
This year the cadets competing were Freshman T Biela, and Juniors J Calderon, K Tabernilla, and O Adeyoe. After a fierce questioning, the scores were very close. Once the speech totals were added in,    J Calderon came away the winner. She won $250 to be presented at graduation and a special medal she may wear on her uniform.
Congratulations to all involved.